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Lent & Easter Schedule




Online Parish Calendar

First Friday
8am Holy Mass
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
      from 8:30am to 3:00pm
3:00pm Benediction

Holy Rosary
7pm Tuesdays
(at Sanctuary at Maple Vista)

Grades 1-8 Tuesdays 6-7pm, Sep - May.
First Communion, Spanish-speaking children all ages Wednesdays 6-7pm, Sep - May.

RCIA classes are September through May. Please call the parish office to register.

Bible Study Group
Tuesdays at 9:15 am in the parish hall with Father Matt Kafka.

Knots of Love
1st Thursdays at 9am, Sep - June
Our Rosary Apostolate, making and sending Rosaries to missions around the world.

Service at the Altar
Boys in the fourth through twelfth grades interested in service at the Altar are invited to please call the office with your contact details. Altar Servers shall have already received First Holy Communion and be mature enough to understand their responsibilities and carry them out well and with appropriate reverence.

Tridentine Mass
The Extraordinary Form of the Mass (Tridentine) is celebrated each Thursday at 8:00am.

Brown Scapulars
Brown Scapulars, hand-made by ladies of our parish, are now available at the office. A small donation is requested to help cover the cost of materials.

Marian Adult Catechism Course
Classes are the first Saturday of the month at 9am. Pre-registration is required.

Adult Catechism Classes
Begin in September from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, during Catechism season, for anyone wishing to attend & mandatory for all parents of catechism children in a sacramental year. Complete schedule of classes will be in future bulletins and posted on our online calendar.

Devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus
Prayers and the Chaplet will be recited on the last Sunday of each month, beginning at 3:00pm, the Hour of Mercy. If you have any questions, please call the parish office.

Trailblazers Pilgrimage
Follow in the footsteps of Venerable Bishop Baraga in Michigan's UP July 30 - August 10, 2017: Camping, hiking, canoeing, exploring, excellent food, great friends, radically Catholic. For more info:

Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary
The 33-day preparation for consecration according to St. Louis de Montfort begins February 20, 2017. Consecration takes place following the 5pm Mass on the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25, 2017. Please contact the office if you require assistance obtaining the proper preparation materials.

Trailblazer's Rummage Sale
Thursday & Friday, April 6th & 7th, from 9am to 6pm; Saturday, April 8th, from 9am to 1pm. Come out and get great bargains in clothing, appliances, furniture, toys, books, hardware, and more! Please call the office to volunteer, for early donations, or other information.

Acts of the Apostles
The third part of Jeff Cavins’ biblical courses, Acts of the Apostles, begins Sunday, October 16th. It will be shown Sundays following the 9am Mass, and repeated Fridays, following the 8am Mass. This is a 20-week session.


Archives of Homilies on Elijah
Presented by Fr. Ward during Lent 2016:
PDF Version     or    Online FlipBook

Social Doctrine Homilies
1 of 7
Avarice, Wealth and Purpose of Material Things

2 of 7
Laziness, Sadness and Rational Good

3 of 7
Pride and Vainglory

4 of 7
Envy and Inciting the Poor Man's Envy of the Rich

5 of 7
Wrath, Anger and Reflection on Peace

6 of 7

7 of 7
The Capital Sin of Lust and the Public Square



Parish Mission: Prayer in the Way of Perfection (based on the book by St. Teresa of Avila)
Join us for a four-evening Parish Mission with dynamic speaker Father Robert (RJ) Slaton, Associate Pastor at St. Lawrence Parish, Utica. You won't want to miss this opportunity for your Lenten spiritual enrichment. If you can't make it all four evenings, join us the evenings you can.


Tuesday, March 14, - Friday March 17

6:00pm Opportunity for Confession

6:30pm Holy Mass (Tridentine on Thursday)

7:15pm Conference in the Social Hall


See the flyer here.


Lenten Mini-Retreats
Every Lent, Sacred Heart Parish dedicates Saturday mornings to retreats for different groups. Parishioners and non-parishioners are welcome. A $5 donation is asked to recuperate the cost of the breakfast provided. Volunteers are needed to help with breakfast. Sign up sheets are on the table by the main entrance of the church.

Schedule for Mini-Retreats
7:30am Opportunity for Confessions
8:00am Mass
8:40am Breakfast
9:30am Spiritual Talk
10:30am Adoration with Rosary, then silence
Opportunity for Confessions
11:15am Benediction
11:20am Q & A
12:00pm Final Blessing and Dismissal


Theme: Virtue of Charity in St. Francis de Sales

Mar 4-Men: Inspirations of Divine Charity (VIII, 10-13)

Mar 11-Women: Twelve Ways by Which Jesus Loves Us (X, 17)

Mar 18-Spanish Couples: Guest speaker, Fr. Agustín Pelayo, C.SS.S., from the community of the Sisters [18 de marzo en español: Predicador invitado, el P. Agustín Pelayo, C.SS.S-de la comunidad de nuestras Hermanas, las Consagradas]

Mar 25-Teen Girls: The Five Stages of Love (1, 7)

Apr 1-Teen Boys: Five Motives for Supernatural Charity (XII,11-12)


Maccabees Homilies
From January until Easter, Father Ward will present a series of homilies during most of the daily Masses, on the Books of Maccabees.

Transcripts of the homilies will eventually be posted here on the website. In preparation, below are the chapters/verses to be covered  and the specific days the homilies will be presented:


January 2017

17:   2Mc 1:1-2,18

18:   2Mc 2:19-32

19:   2Mc 3:1-40

20:   2Mc 4:1-6

26:   1Mc 1:11-15, 2Mc 4:7-22

27:   2Mc 4:23-50

30:  1Mc 1:16-40, 5:1-27

31:  1Mc 1:41-64, 2Mc 6:1-6


February 2017

01:  2Mc 6:7-17

02:  2Mc 6:18-31

03:  2Mc 7

04:  1Mc 2:1-48, 2Mc 8:1-7

06:  1Mc 2:49-70

07:  1Mc 3:1-4:35, 2Mc 8:8-36

08:  1Mc 4:36-61, 2Mc 10:1-9

09:  1Mc 5:1-68

10:  2Mc 9:1-12

13:  1Mc 6:1-17, 2Mc 9:13-29

14:  1Mc 6:18-63, 2Mc 10:10-13:26

15:  1 Mc 7:1-4, 2Mc 14:1-10

16:  1Mc 7:5-25, 2Mc 14:11-14

17:  1Mc 7:26-38, 2Mc 14:15-46

20:  1Mc 7:39-50; 15:1-36

21:  1Mc 8:1-32

22:  1Mc 9:1-22

23:  1Mc 9:23-34

24:  1Mc 9:35-73

28:  1Mc 10:1-47

29:  1Mc 10:48-66


March 2017

01:  1Mc 10:67-89

02:  1Mc 11:1-19

06:  1Mc 11:20-37

07:  1Mc 11:38-54

08:  1Mc 12:1-23

09:  1Mc 12:24-38

10:  1Mc 12:39-53

17:  1Mc 13:12-31

24:  1Mc 13:1-11

28:  1Mc 13:32-49

29:  1Mc 14:1-15

30:  1Mc 14:16-24

31:  1Mc 14:25-49



Please check back often for updates and additions to the schedule.

Parish Life

Christmas 2016

All Hallowed Eve Party 2016

Parish Picnic 2016

Spiritual Bouquet for year 2017
Click here for the Spiritual Bouquet of Rosaries for Fr. Ward on Christmas 2016, from his parish family & friends.

Christmas 2016 Present for Fr. Matt Kafka

Knots of Love News
Click here to see a photo of the
Students of Saint Philemon’s Academic Center for Excellence in Ogoli-Ipangbo, Nigeria, showing their Holy Rosaries, donated by Knots of Love.