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Church Quotes

The following quotes were displayed on the signs of our Church and reproduced below, including their exact sources, to satisfy the curious and promote the reading of the Fathers of the Church.





Patience ensures our perseverance as Sons of God. St. Cyprian of Carthage, c. 257. St. Cyprian of Carthage, The Good of Patience, ch. 20, in The Fathers of the Church: Vol. 36, Saint Cyprian, tr. and ed. Roy J. Deferrari, The Catholic University of America Press (Washington, D.C.: 2007, 3rd reprinting, 1st paperback reprint of 1958 original), p. 283.


Saints become strengthened through weakness, and are humbled by little defects. Pope St. Gregory the Great, c. 590. Full quote: “The mind, in advancing to the eminence of its righteousness, may through weakness be the better strengthened, and may in a more genuine manner shine in goodness by the same cause, whereby, to the humbling of it, little defects overcloud it even against its will.” Moralia in Job, IV, 24, 44. Text of translation, Moralia in Job: Morals on the Book of Job, Translated with Notes in Three Volumes, vol. 1, Ex Fontibus (2012), p. 196-7.

















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